2024 Santo Domingo Conference

The Centrality of the Gospel

The gospel is at the center of the Christian faith because it describes the central figure in the history of redemption: our Lord Jesus Christ. By trusting in Him, we receive the forgiveness of sins and have peace with a holy God. The good news of salvation prompts Christians to walk in God’s grace as He develops our character and deepens our hope. Therefore, the gospel must rest at the center of our faith and our life before the Lord.

Join us on October 4–5, 2024, for The Centrality of the Gospel, our Spanish-language conference in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Studying Romans 5 together, we will immerse ourselves in the life-giving truth at the heart of the Christian faith.

We’ll also host a pre-conference event, Faithful Shepherding, designed to encourage pastors in their calling to serve God’s people well in light of the challenges facing shepherds today.

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  • Sinclair Ferguson Sinclair Ferguson
  • Sugel Michelén Sugel Michelén
  • Stephen Nichols Stephen Nichols
  • Miguel Núñez Miguel Núñez
  • Burk Parsons Burk Parsons